I have been asked "what is your style?" a lot. So I thought I would explain my photography style and my photography editing style.

First my Photography style is the same with every photo I take. For weddings I take the traditional poses that the couple wants, the details of their special day, and also document it as if I was a fly on the wall, capturing those special moments as they happen when no one thought I was looking. I also adjust this to my clients needs.

Now my editing style is quite different. I edit to how my clients want them to be done. Whether you like light and airy, warm and sunny, to moody and dark. The style is most important to the client and my goal is to make sure that each of my clients are extremely happy with their photos. Weddings are special because you can not reshoot their day. So I always send out sneak peeks because it helps me know that I am on the right path for what they want to see, or I can adjust it to make sure that the final product is perfect. So when you look through my website, that is why you see different editing styles for the image. Not a single wedding is the same as the next, so each photo collection will be different. You can rest easy knowing that I will take every inch of care for your images and treat them individually and special as they are.

For portraits and commercial/fashion photos, the feel of the shoot is so important, it can lead to such an amazing style. I ensure that I take all the amazing angles that I can get, poses are spot on, and family/client/models are comfortable and happy. Whether it be a fashion shoot I put on, or I am hired by amazing families, or designers, or individuals, you can trust that I will make sure everyone is comfortable and having a great time so that only the best images are delivered.

Below are some examples of the editing style I have done in the past. Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have.

From left to right sample styles :

True to color/timeless

Light and Airy

Warm and Peachy


There is not an editing style I cannot do. I am adding adventure elopements, so my photography style will start to show that as well. It is an exciting time to be a photographer for me!