Hi, I am Krista Stone. Destination Photographer

I am an award winning, and published photographer from the United States. I was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in a small town called Brightwood. I have traveled all over the world and lived in various states and countries because of the military. It was an experience I would never want to change. I have learned so much from those once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Family is what I value most. My family is my strength, joy, happiness, and my most valued treasure. My husband and I have four kids combined, we are a blended family. I’m kind of a momma bear….. ok, not kind of, I am a momma bear! My husband and I purchased land in Alaska and am now based out of Alaska! We are in Anchor Point and love to travel all over this amazing state. Don't worry, I have my passport ready to any destination that calls! I love to fly, drive, and even sail every where, so if you have a destination you dream of for your wedding, I'm your girl! I'll be so extremely happy to capture your memories wherever your hearts desire! Except like down a valcano... or something like that, a girl has to have limits lol.

So why do I do it? Why do photography when everyone with a phone is now a photographer? To be honest, it began with my daughter. I had a little point and shoot film camera. Digital cameras back then were untouchable by the public. They were very costly. I took some photos of my baby girl and people started noticing. I didn’t believe them when they said how I should start taking photos for a job. I said, “My daughter is just that photogenic”. And she was and still is! She’s beautiful. Then, one person said something to me and it stayed with me ever since. “Krista, you have an eye for photography.”

I started looking at my photos again from a different perspective. These were not just a mom taking photos of her beloved baby. I started to believe it. Then someone handed me a digital camera. I couldn’t put it down after that. I started my photography with a Fuji FinePix S7000 point and shoot camera. I didn’t understand equipment or what was needed to do it professionally at the time; I just wanted to take photos. I started with sports for the base soccer teams in England where we were stationed. Then portraits. I even got noticed by the base commander who hired me to take his family portraits. Talk about pressure! They turned out fantastic and his son (who did not want his photos taken) ended up loving them because I was able to remove some of his acne, but leaving some so he still looked like him. 

I was then published twice by the International Library of Photographers. I was showcased in Las Vegas, NV, received a beautiful crystal award, and a copy of the book where one of my photos was published in. I was elated and I remember my mother ordering a copy of that book so she could share it with her friends. I then had my oldest son and the photos kept coming.

I then was hired to do a wedding. I was so scared that I would mess it up. I knew how important photos were for the bride, groom, and everyone involved. These were their memories. You only get one shot to capture them with no redo’s. I nailed it. They were so happy and I became friends with them, especially the mother of the bride. I was hooked. I wanted to do another one, so I upgraded my camera to a Canon DSLR and started being part of these wonderful weddings. Capturing their memories to last a lifetime. I even started hiring second photographers to work with me, and learning so much from them as well. Now I have chosen Nikon is the brand for me, and I've been so extremely happy with that.

I have been published in Loveinc. Magazine, Wedventure Magazine, PNW Magazine (twice) and numerous online media. I have won Couples Choice Award from WeddingWire for 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023. In Sandy, Oregon I was awarded "Best of 2021" 2022 and 2023, was inducted into the of the business, and Best of Zola 2023.

I found my dream, my happy place. I am completely addicted and enjoy being apart of the couples special day! I even have to hold back tears when they say their vows, first dance, and so much more. It's so special. 

I absolutely adore family portraits, Quinceanera, maternity, senior portraits, children, pets, nature, oh my! I see a photo everywhere I look. A memory. A moment. The sun through clouds, a child peeking through a jungle gym, a mother who cradles her newborn child, a dog playing in the river. It’s absolutely amazing. 

These reasons and more, are why I do what I do. I hope it shows in my photos how much I love photography and that I truly care about my clients, whom I hope turn into friends. 

I don't stick to just one style either, I edit for my clients. Check out my "Style" page to learn more.

*I absolutely love to laugh, so you can count on me making sure you have a great time too. I'm a bit sarcastic.

In my free time, I spend time with my family, scuba dive, ride my horse, do search and rescue with my basset hound, and have fun with my small farm in Anchor Point, Alaska!

Krista Stone



Samantha & Andrew

Samantha & Andrew

Photographer of my dreams!!

Krista and her team are absolutely amazing!! They came in and put me at ease. A wedding is the most exciting and stressful day and I feel as though Krista was there every step of the way to capture it all every emotion and malfunction (we love those silly raw moments) all and all I would recommend Krista a million times over she was there from the time I booked with her months ago to the day it all happened a truly amazing photographer and human 😍😍

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