So why is it really important?

Hello! I am Krista Stone, owner and photographer of BarcStone Photography. I am a professional wedding photographer and I would like to explain why, it is so incredibly important to hire a professional wedding photographer.

You're probably thinking, "iPhone are great! They take amazing photos, and best thing ever, they're free!". I totally understand this. I really do! I love to save money as well! Who doesn't? However, as an iPhone owner myself, or my husband who has a Samsung, and many other smartphones who take amazing photos, there is an extreme difference between the professional grade cameras you will see me showing up with on your wedding day vs an iPhone.

We've all seen those billboards that say "shot on an iPhone". While yes, it might have been, however, those iPhone's are not the ones you have in your pocket. It is a misleading advertisement. Also, if you were to get close to that billboard, you will see that it is made up of many smaller images, and they are all very very "noisy". Meaning all those nasty little dots. So no, you cannot shoot a billboard image with your iPhone and have it be super clear and amazing. You're pretty much limited to an 8x10 or smaller image for a smartphone.

Another factor that matters in image capture is the resolving power of the lens. Camera lenses have dozens of elements that work together to create the perfect shot. Lens construction is also largely dependent on hardware, not software which means that a professional lens will outperform any glass that Apple may have put in their iPhones. Zoomed in, iPhone images will likely have imperfections such as chromatic aberration and purple fringing.

These are just some of the physical reasons why a professional grade camera is better. What about other factors of why a professional is better than Uncle Bob? The photographer is often the most important factor in image quality. You can get the best crew and gear on set, but ultimately if the photographer is trash, their image will be trash. A photographer who invests in gear instead of themselves is a very disappointing sight.

A professional Photographer is is experienced in seeing the best light available, either with flash, or using natural lights. Lights can cause hot spots that is not flattering at all. That purple light you love in your venue, will now make your skin look very odd in a photograph, we are trained to see this. Contrast, moods, editing, posing, candid, customer service, time management, and the most important part, the eye. All of these go into your professional photographer and more. I can make lists that go on and on. If you want your most important memories captured on your most important day so that you can remember them for a lifetime and beyond, you'll want to hire an experienced professional photographer.

One last reason as to why to hire a professional rather than uncle Bob? Wouldn't uncle Bob like to enjoy your wedding instead of working it? Your favorite aunt who can take decent photos, might want to take in all the moments and just dance the night away with you. Your best friend can actually be your Maid of Honor and not work the camera as well. Leave it to the professionals so that not only you are at ease to enjoy your day and ensure to have beautiful memories captures, but so can your most important friends and family.