Engagement Photos to Wedding Photos; Why should the same Photographer do both?

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I am not the best blogger. I am trying. I thought we would talk about engagement photos and moving on to wedding photos. Why should the same photographer do both?

I always tell my clients that the photographer is the only vendor who is there for you before your wedding (engagement photos), there during your entire wedding (wedding day photos), and after your wedding (delivering your photos). Because of this, both the wedding couple and the photographer should really get to know each other. You want to get along with each other, feel comfortable, and have a good time while taking your photos. You are trusting your photographer to capture the most important memories of your life. This is your wedding! A whole new beginning to both of your lives, and the lives of your friends and family for sure! So, why is it important to have the wedding photographer, photograph your engagement photos?

During your interview with your photographer, you are interviewing them to see if you like their style, their photos match what you are looking for, or maybe they can create what you are looking for. You are looking for pricing and packages that fit your needs. You’re also looking for personality. Does your personality and theirs match? How do you know? So you hired your photographer based on this interview and they agree. (lets be honest, you’re being interviewed by the photographer too. They want to know if you are a good fit for them as well. Being a wedding photographer is very stressful and very rewarding, but if personalities don’t match, then the photographer may decide that its not a good fit for them as well.) In their package, should include engagement photos. If you check out our packages, they all include an engagement photo session. (destination weddings do not, or come at a customized cost) During this engagement session, you are seeing if both your personalities match during an actual session. Talk is all great, but you need to walk the walk too!

I love to say that I get along with everyone. But that’s just not true. I try, and I can try my hardest, but there is always someone who will not appreciate my sense of humor, or my professionalism being relaxed. Some people are looking for strictly a business transaction. When I photograph their engagement photos, they can see how I act. How I am posing them, how I get them to smile, move around, act naturally. We hang out a bit and get to know each other. I can learn if this couple is more business first, or a more relaxed, wanting my “style” of photography and business. I will most likely not continue to photograph a couples wedding, if I feel that I might offend them, or not produce the images they truly are looking for. I can also see this in editing the photos from their engagement session. I send out sneak peeks to the couple, this tell me what their vision is, how do they respond to questions from me, how do I respond to questions from them. Are they needing more help to decide or do they want no help from me at all. This tells me a lot about them, and how their wedding photos of the day and after, will be. I then can decide if that is something I want to take on, or maybe there is a photographer out there that is better for them, and I can recommend one.

Having had to search for my own photographers, I learned that not having engagement photos, really hurt us in the long run. I absolutely did not like our wedding photos. I knew the risk I was taking, and I took it anyway, to save a few bucks. Had I asked for engagement photos, all the issues I had at the wedding, could have been addressed then, or I could have backed out. Personality with the photographer was great. However, quality of the images were not so great. I would have been able to see this more clearly (wedding website were not what they are today back then), if I had photos taken before the wedding. They didn’t even stay for the reception. So, I add in all my packages engagement sessions. Not all take it, some would rather use them for photos after their wedding or use it in other ways. It is there, so that not only can I be comfortable at my clients wedding, but they are comfortable and can trust that I will produce their memories in the way they are expecting of me.

If you choose two different photographers to do your engagement photos and wedding photos, just keep the communication open, get to know your photographers. Don’t just sign a contract and pay them. It is important and it will give you a great experience from beginning, during, and at the end of your business relationship. Maybe, if like most of my clients, you might even become friends with your photographer! And who doesn’t want a photographer for a friend?

Happy wedding season!

below are examples of engagement photos and weddings I have done.

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