Adventure Elopement

So its been a while since I’ve wrote on the blog, I know I know. I had journals all growing up, and never could remember to write in them. I will try harder!

So, as the titles states, adventure elopement! I posted before about it and now that it has been published, I will write about it on the blog!

I will include the link to the publication as well on the bottom.

So I was contacted to photograph an adventure elopement wedding! Of course I wanted to do this, AND it was in the Olympic Peninsula Park in Washington! It was so much fun! Such a low key couple who love each other so much!

The Groom. He had his two children there. His son, who is actually his stepson from his previous marriage, is still very much his son. The bride and groom wanted to incorporate him in the wedding and make him apart of their new family as well, so they had him officiate the wedding It was so heartfelt and such a wonderful young man. The grooms daughter was there and arranged the flowers and did the brides hair. She loves the bride as if she were her own mother. Such a loving welcoming family for the bride to join in on.

The Bride: She was there with her and her fiance’s son. The sweetest little two year old. She never felt out of place, even though she didn’t have her own family with her. She knew she was there with family regardless. She is so kind and so beautiful. She loves all three of the kids, and the two as if they were her own.

The day of was a day like no other. It had been raining and cold. It was October of course! But the day of is was partially cloudy and no rain. I was able to get detail photos all over the place. We hiked to a location that the Bride and Groom found that morning. In the middle of old tall Evergreen trees and moss, they said their vows The officiant spoke to them so well, it was hard to keep the camera still because I just wanted to cry happy tears. The bride held their son while he cracked little smiles at me during the ceremony and the daughter stood by her now stepmother with such love and admiration. Their two dogs laying on the ground protecting their family, who just became one.

We then walked down to the beach of the ocean and watched them mingle with each other, and talk and laugh. They had their first dance on the beach and the music was the beautiful waves crashing behind them and the laughter of their children in the distance.

We then went back to their cabin they had rented and all shared some wonderful stew the groom and his son had made. I would have to say, this was my favorite wedding. It was so intimate and full of such love, that the sun came out at the end and gave us all a golden show in the sky.

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