First Blog Post...... Ever


Thank you for reading my first blog that I have ever wrote! I’m not exactly sure what I should be writing here, so I will just start with a little about me, and what is going on with BarcStone Photography!

So, if you read the about me part of this site, you would read that I am a momma of 4! We are a blended family, so I personally have 2, my husband has 1, and we have 1 together. We definitely know the struggles of blending a family together. Some are more receptive to it than others. But all in all, we are a family and that is what matters.

My family is very supportive of my photography. Everyone pitches in when I have photo shoot to attend to. They are also so helping when its time to edit the photos from the shoot as well. So much, that you will see my daughter wearing the “Assistant” shirt out at shoots. This could be weddings, styled shoots, engagements, and more. She is a great assistant and I love working with my daughter. It has provided a great opportunity to bond with her.

So, where is BarcStone Photography going? Well, physically we are not going anywhere. But, as a company, we are expanding! We are also now providing a photo booth! That is very exciting. Another option to our engaged couples, is that we are now offering Officiating for their weddings! My husband and I are ordained ministers! We will soon be adding an option to add to the photography packages for an officiate to officiate your wedding, and even if you would rather just have one of us officiate, you don’t have to add a photography package to it.

We also have teamed up with some cinematographers as well and we can now offer cinematography! Pricing for that will come as an add on to the package and prices range from $1,00-$,2500.

Lots of things happening with our business and we are very excited about it! We aim to please and we want everyone’s experience to be one that they can remember and feel good about.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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