What a wonderful 2018!

So my last blog was about an Adventure wedding, but I cannot post those photos because I am trying to get them published!! So why not blog about what a year this has been!

This time a year ago, I re branded my business. I went from Serendipity Photography to BarcStone Photography. My husband and I decided that name because it was time for a change. Barc is apart of my grandmothers maiden name. Her parents were from Scotland, Aberdeen area. Her clan is Barclay. So I am also a Barclay! That’s super excited. I always wanted another little girl and I would name her Evelyn which is my grandmothers name. However, I ended up having another boy! The sweetest red head ever! So, I decided to incorporate her last name into my business. Stone came from well, my married last name! So its my husbands last name and we put the two together and now we have BarcStone! I thought we were clever lol.

After re branding, shooting a few free weddings and engagement shoots, I did my first ever styled shoot in Bend, Oregon! OMG that was so much fun! I met some awesome photographers and coordinators. The models were a newly married couple who were so much in love! They are the sweetest couple and I even still follow them on IG. My husband and I took our baby with us and made a weekend trip out of it. Totally worth it. I learned valuable information on how to shoot, light, pose, and more. Like that, I was addicted! I did some my last free wedding for the year, and onto another styled shoot.

This styled shoot was a Anne of Green Gables theme!! I met even more awesome photographers and met up with some others from the last shoot I did! I even started a photographers Team, to help each other with second photographers so we can provide an even more awesome service to our couples! I got amazing photos and had so much fun! I met new coordinators, bakers, florists, and more! Gray Gables was the location in Portland and what an exact match for such a shoot!

I then seemed to have a fully booked summer! I had a wedding every single weekend, started taking senior portraits, more engagement shoots, maternity shoots, newborns, oh my! What an amazing summer!!! Some of the most wonderful couples ever! I’ve made new friends and new connections.

After the wedding season started to die down, I even did my own styled shoot for sweet 16 teenagers who have low self esteem. I wanted to show them that they are beautiful inside and out. It rained the entire day, but we did get some amazing shots! Met even more talented vendors and such wonderful souls! The girls had a great time and loved the photos!

So, I was then off to Bend again for what I thought was my last wedding of the year. My daughter is my photographers assistant, (if you didn’t know already). We spent the weekend in Bend again (yes its only two hours away, but its fun) and had a blast! The wedding was so much fun and such wonderful people.

Then, more senior portraits and another absolutely amazing styled shoot! This was my second styled shoot by the amazing Trixie Ortiz of Younique Events. Might have been the best photos I have ever taken in my life! I learned again so much! I am now much more comfortable with low light and stepping in to pose a couple to get that amazing photo! So look out world.. Krista is coming and going to photograph you in an amazing ways!!

I then got a phone call from my cousin. She was eloping! I was so excited for her! She said she had been watching my photography and she just loves it! She lives in Utah, but they were coming to the PNW to get married! If you didn’t know, myself and most of my family grew up in Brightwood, which is near Mount Hood. So she wanted to come back to her roots, but not so close, because she chose the Olympic Peninsula! She wanted an adventure wedding and I was the one she wanted to capture those memories for her! So I drove up there in the middle of the week, spent the night listening to the waves crash on the beach, and took some amazing photos!! Be on the look out for the link when and if it gets published!! It brought my cousin and I closer and I am so happy to have been apart of her special day.

I was on the lookout for a studio. I have in my mind so many creative ideas that I want to do, but now I need a studio to create them. I found one and now I have a studio to offer our clients!! So be on the lookout for that as well! We are taking bookings for studio time in 2019-2020!!

Its almost Christmas now. End of 2019. But I will not end it on a quiet note, no way! I’ve upgraded my gear and ready to take on 2019 with all I got! on 1/1/19, I start the year with a wedding!! A deserving woman who’d military son is coming home to see her get married! I’m so excited and not only that, my husband will be the officiant!! I even helped organize a ton of vendors and so excited that she will have a dream wedding! I have several weddings on the book for next year and I cannot wait to add more!

Thank you for reading my blog! If I don’t write again this year, its because I’m enjoying time with my family. I wish you the most Merryist of Christmas’s and Happyiest of New Years!!