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The question that pops up from time to time is, who is my photographer? Who is my officiant? Well, here is where we get to answer those questions. BarcStone Photography was founded by Krista Stone in 2002. This was before she met her husband Gabriel Stone. Her business was under a different name at that time, and after she married her husband, she thought it was time to start a new. So, how did we come up with the name BarcStone? Simple, Krista’s grandmother, who passed some years ago, was a woman whom she admired. Her maiden name was Barclay. When Krista married Gabriel, her last name changed to Stone. She wanted to incorporate the two families in her business, and what better way. So after throwing out different ways to make it work, BarcStone had a good ring to it. Below, you can read more about us and why we do what we do. We thank you so very much for taking the time to get to know us. You can expect us to do the same for you, so that we can deliver our services to you that are better than you expect.


Krista Stone

Krista is your photographer. That’s me! So hi, I’m Krista. I’ve been photographing since 2002, and started in England on a US military base. My daughter was born, and I just took so many photos of her. They started to get noticed, and I was even published in a book! It took a while for me to understand what everyone else was seeing. Once I did, I started to dive right into photography. I even took the base commanders family portraits, and they loved them! I was so nervous then, and was so relieve and happy they loved their photos. After moving to North Carolina in 2005, I started photographing weddings. I met so many wonderful people. I had such a great time, that I wanted to become a primary wedding photographer.

After the military, my kids and I moved back home to Oregon. I started a new job and was continuing my photography. I have learned so much in the past years that I am so happy to be able embark on this journey and capture so many memories. As a now blended family, I have a soft spot for them. I love the two families coming together to become one. I love new love of a new family just starting out. I love it also when couples decide to just do it on their own and elope! Heck, that’s what my husband and I did! Love is the best thing in the world and drives the best of happiness ever!

I am a mother of 3 and a step mother to 1. You read that right, 4 kids! Age range from 16 all the way down to 2! So I love kids, and love photographing kids. They are our world and they grow up so fast. I couldn’t ask for a better man to not only be the father of our 2 year old, but the step father of my two oldest. He is the best father and husband. I am so very lucky.

So why am I photographer? Because I, myself have a hard time remembering certain things. I can’t always remember at what my kids looked like at a certain age, or who wore what to our wedding. Details like that end up being so important later on, I wanted to make sure that every person I photograph, can have those memories captured. I specialize is candid photos, those moments and memories you didn’t know someone was looking. Those memories you want to have captured for a lifetime. I also love being creative with couples or individuals, guiding them to have their best selves come out in their photos. It’s an amazing thing to see yourself in a photograph, and say, wow. That’s what I strive to capture with each photo. So, I will continue to capture those moments and more for years to come. I hope to be able to capture your moments too!


Gabriel Stone

Your officiant is Gabriel, or as everyone calls me, Gabe! Hi, I’m Gabe. I’m fairly new to officiating weddings. I have performed two ceremonies at this time, with some coming up this wedding season of 2019. My wife Krista is also an ordained minister, although she loves officiating, she would rather be behind the lens. Isn’t that how most photographers are?

My wife tells me I have a way with words. In fact, that is why she asked be to become an ordained minister. I love public speaking, and being able to bring the most joyous moment to life.

As Krista said above, we have 4 kids! Keeps us on our toes for sure. I have two wonderful step kids that might as well just be mine because I love them as if they were! I also have my first born son who let me become a dad. Such a wonderful moment to hold him in my arms for the very first time. I also got to have that experience again when my lovely wife had our youngest, our little boy together. He ties our families together forever. Such the cutest little red head you’d ever see!

I would love to officiate your wedding. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. I can perform a religious ceremony, or non religious as well. Feel free to contact me and lets discuss your most joyous day!


Second Photographers

When we hire second photographers for your wedding or event, you can trust that we have ensured their quality and capability to photograph your wedding to the quality of our own. Our main second photographer is Sierra Fennimore of SierraStorm Photography. She is absolutely amazing and is always there to help out when needed. You can check out her website at When we use a second photographer, they are under contract and sign the rights to BarcStone Photography. We then edit the photos to the style that you are wanting, so they stay consistent with your collection. You can trust that we will provide the upmost professionalism from ourselves, our photographers, and our videographers. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Our family photos were taken by the talented Lori Best of Lori Best Photography. Sierra Fennimore’s photo is from the talented Stephanie Bendt Photography. All other photos are of BarcStone Photography.